Dienstag, Juni 25, 2024
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LVmPC – Compact Versatile Low-cost Embedded Vision PC

„NOVEMBER 8–Leutrek Vision Inc. (www.leutrek.com) has released its LVmPC\r\n, a versatile, low cost, compact size embedded vision system based on standard PC technology.\r\nLVmPC works with virtually any camera (Digital, Analog, Color, Monochrome, USB, USB 2,\r\nFirewire, CameraLink) by using the standard interfaces existing on the internal PC motherboard or\r\nthrough optional frame grabber or PCMCIA adaptor cards. Up to 4 user selected PMC add-in cards\r\ncan be used simultaneously in the same system providing unmatched versatility in a 3.5” x 3.6” x\r\n7.2” format.“;“LVmPC is 100% PC compatible and runs Windows 9x/NT/2000/XP + Embedded versions, Linux or VxWorks. It uses the latest Ultra-low voltage Pentium III processor with 512k cache (478-pin uFC-BGA) and the Intel I815E chipset (Celeron with 256k cache versions are also available). LVmPC is equipped standard with Firewire, Ethernet, VGA (DVI-I), CompactFlash I/II, USB ports and serial port like any standard full size PC.\r\n\r\nIn addition to its technological capabilities, LVmPC comes at a very low price, starting at $1600.\r\n\r\nLVmPC is the latest revision of Leutron Vision’s PC based embedded vision system previously named PentiCam. This new version has been designed to increase the overall performance and\r\nlower cost significantly. Mathias Leumann, CEO of Leutron Vision, expresses his satisfaction in the\r\nfollowing: “Our design team has done a great job by achieving tough requirements. LVmPC is one of the most powerful embedded vision systems on the market and also one of the most affordable”.\r\n\r\nEstablished in 1979, Leutron Vision AG is a pioneer in image acquisition. This European company has gained a solid reputation with PicPort®, their industrial low-end frame grabber series, and\r\nPentiCam®, their first PC based embedded vision system.\r\n\r\nLeutrek Vision Inc. represents Leutron Vision and distributes their product in North America along with other world-class image processing hardware and software from Atlantek Microsystems,\r\nMVTec, Phlox and Teli.\r\n\r\nSource: Stephane FRANCOIS, Executive Vice President, sfrancois@leutrek.com\r\nLeutrek Vision Inc., Tel.: (781) 238-0213″;0;35;4;“admin“;““;0;““;0;0;0;0;0