Mittwoch, April 17, 2024
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Actuality Systems wins patent approval for key technology

„The notices state that the US Patent Office will allow Actuality’s patent claims for \“rasterization of lines in a cylindrical voxel grid,\“ \“volumetric 3-D display architecture,\“ and \“volumetric stroboscopic display.\“ The Taiwanese patent covers a \“volumetric 3-D display system.\“ The patents are related to the company’s basic research in rendering and projecting spatial 3-D images and its development work for its Perspecta 3-D visualization system. \r\n
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\r\nThe patent allowance for \“rasterization of lines in a cylindrical voxel grid\“ establishes an efficient graphic algorithm for how to draw straight lines in multidimensional space such as Actuality’s Perspecta 3-D display. The \“volumetric 3-D display architecture\“ patent covers the invention of a spinning-screen 3-D display with a unique projection screen that can steer light in different directions, creating photorealistic imagery that appears solid. Says Favalora, \“This may be the first instance in which a swept-screen display can create viewer-position-dependent effects such as hidden back surfaces. It will enhance our ability to render a broad spectrum of medical images.\“ \r\n
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\r\nTypical applications for the Perspecta system include nuclear medical imaging, such as using PET scans to locate tumors; medical intervention, such as planning radiation therapy; mammography and biopsy, such as having 3-D feedback on the precise location of a biopsy needle; drug discovery; air-traffic control; game development; security specialists seeking a faster and more reliable way to visualize the contents of freight or passenger luggage, and numerous others. \r\n
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