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BIO-key International and Intel team to showcase biometric finger-based ident.

BIO-key International and Intel team to showcase biometric finger-based identification solutions \r\n
\r\nNOVEMBER 13–BIO-key International Inc. (Minneapolis, MN; has announced the development of an innovative finger-based identification biometrics solution optimized to run on Intel Itanium processors for airport and trusted traveler security.“;“BIO-key’s True User Identification software enables fingerprint-based one-to-many positive biometric identification in a wide variety of commercial and governmental applications for information security and access control. The BIO-key solution was developed on the Oracle9i Application Server running on Intel Xeon and Intel Itanium processors to allow advanced speed, scalability, and reliability to BIO-key’s WEB-key biometric authentication, encryption, server, and database components. \r\n
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\r\nAmong the many security features the application demonstrates is an effective airline boarding-security systems using BIO-key’s advanced biometric identification technology. The system incorporates the biometric enrollment of passengers as part of ticket purchasing and identifies them for security screening and to gain a boarding pass and then verifies their identity as they board the plane. The same system also monitors employee access to aircraft and key areas of an airport facility.\r\n
\r\nsource: VisionSystemsDesign\r\n