Donnerstag, Juli 18, 2024
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Multipix Imaging launches the next generation of Basler FireWire cameras

„Using FireWire or IEEE 1394 plug-and-play technology together with the Basler BCam drivers; easy system integration with maximum reliability is achieved. Working on Windows 2000 or XP the drivers are designed for optimum use with any of the Basler FireWire cameras, including the A600f. An open-source C++ platform enables individual programming and access to a full range of features including four-channel input/output interface for external control (trigger capture and strobe). \r\n
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\r\nThe slim, compact size is 29 x 44 x 65.7 mm, making the A600f series easily integrated with systems where traditionally analog cameras have been used and major changes to the mechanical mounting cannot be made.\r\n
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