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Latest FireWire products show continued adoption of the IEEE 1394 standard world

„NOVEMBER 14–The 1394 Trade Association (Dallas, TX) has published a new list of 1394-equipped consumer and computer products from around the world. Included in the new products for September and October are desktop and notebook PCs, printers, storage devices, DVD/RW products, and digital VHS players. The recent list is highlighted by advanced storage products, including the Maxtor Corporation new One Touch 5000Xt and 5000DV hard disk drives and ASUSTek’s SCB-2408D External Combo Drive. \r\n
\r\n“;“\“The industry worldwide continues to adopt the FireWire standard across a very wide range of consumer and computer products,\“ said James Snider, executive director of the 1394 Trade Association. \“We are very pleased to see this overwhelming adoption, especially as we move into the next phase of IEEE 1394 product development, which is focusing on the new `b‘ version, with its higher bandwidth and extended distances.\“ \r\n
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\r\nThe 1394b version extends bandwidth to 800 Mbits/s immediately with a map to 1.6 Gbits/s. Distances extend to 100 m under the new version. Silicon is now available, and first 1394b products are expected early in 2003. \r\n
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\r\nA complete list of all new 1394-equipped products is available at www.1394ta.org.\r\n
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