Freitag, Mai 24, 2024
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Image Analysis Release Offers Major Functionality

„The new features include the following: \r\n
\r\nThe Polar Unwrap Tool takes a circular image and unwraps it into a linear image that can easily be measured. It transforms images from polar co-ordinates to rectangular co-ordinates by using bi-linear interpolation/re-mapping operations.\r\n
\r\nThe Digital I/O Tool is a universal tool for all supported digital input/output boards. This tool allows GLI/2 to interface to external peripherals.\r\n
\r\nThe ROI Shape Fitter Tool allows a Region of Interest (ROI) to fit to a particular edge or contour found within a binary by transforming the ROI into the appropriate shape. For example, this tool is used for fitting straight lines to edges, circles to arcs, etc, as well as provides center of gravity, radius, and other measured criteria. The resultant fitted ROIs can also be used by other tools for additional measurements.\r\n
\r\nThe Match Tool compares the captured image to a known gold standard image and correlates a percentage.\r\n
\r\nVideo for Windows® (VFW) support now allows users to capture and process images directly without a frame grabber. Simply connect an off-the-shelf USB camera, capture an image and perform scientific analysis.\r\n
\r\nEnhancements to the Blob Analysis Tool allow developers to calculate more than 70 calibrated measurements and statistics quickly and easily for all blobs (particles) that can be found in a single image, in multiple images, and even in different parts of multiple images. The tool also supports an unlimited number of child blobs. In addition, the faster Pixel Change Tool lets developers easily modify pixel values in an image or an image’s transparent overlay. \r\n
\r\nAccording to Fred Molinari, president, founder and CEO of Data Translation, \“Today’s announcement leverages GLI/2’s strength as an all-in-one solution for complex image analysis challenges that require measuring, classifying, edge-tracking, counting and size-distribution analysis. The point-and-click script capability also means that anyone can use GLI/2 to easily create image analysis applications.\“ \r\n
\r\nGLI/2 is Data Translation’s complete, customizable image analysis package that is ideal for scientific and general-purpose imaging analysis applications. Designed for a wide range of users with different expertise levels, GLI/2 provides multiple development levels — from pre-defined image processing and analysis tools for code-less graphical program development, ideal for non-programmers who want to use a simple point-and-click script, to object-oriented API function calls, allowing experienced programmers to write complete applications and custom tools in Visual C++®. GLI/2 also supports a wide range of Data Translation frame grabbers (monochrome, variable-scan, color and digital-input) so that developers can tailor the frame grabber type needed for specific imaging requirements. \r\n
\r\nAvailability, Pricing and System Requirements \r\n
\r\nGLI/2 3.5 is priced at $995 and is available for immediate order. Upgrades are currently $595. The software requires a IBM PC compatible (Pentium® with Triton PCI chipset or better), 64 MB RAM, SVGA monitor, 100 MB of free hard disk space, PCI interface if using a frame grabber board, CD-ROM, sound card (optional for multimedia online help), Windows 2000/XP and, if needed, Visual C/C++ 6.0 or better for creating custom tools and applications. \r\n
\r\nSupport \r\n
\r\nData Translation provides complete technical support for all its products. Support is also available 24×7 via Data Translation’s website at \r\n
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