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Abitibi Purchases 4 Inspection Systems and 3 Unwind Control Systems

First Block Order From The Paper Industry\r\nWorld’s Largest Newsprint Producer Starts Building Inspection Infrastructure\r\nAachen/ Germany – 21 November 2002. Abitibi Consolidated Inc. (ACI), the world’s largest newsprint producer, has placed a package order for Parsytec web inspection systems for its mills in Grand Mère and Kenogomi, Quebec, Canada. This is the first package order of Parsytec systems by a paper producer and was sold by the company’s sales partner, Metso Automation. This order marks the first time a paper producer has equipped such a large portion of their production lines with Parsytec web inspection technology.“;“The order consists of four HTP 4.2 Toolsuite Edition inspection systems and three Unwind Control Systems 4.2 (UCS). \r\nThe HTP 4.2 Toolsuite Edition’s will be installed on supercalenders SC-1 and SC-2 in Grand Mère and Kenogami. Two of the UCS 4.2 systems are for the Kenogami mill and one will be installed in Grand Mère. The systems will be connected and integrated to improve process efficiency at the winder or re-reeler.\r\n\r\nThe HTP 4.2 Toolsuite Edition will detect and classify every defect at the production line which is stored in distributed web quality databases. This information is then sent to the Unwind Control System 4.2 that automatically stops the winder or re-reeler to allow for repair of critical defects. Fast access and high position accuracy are key to production efficiency improvements.\r\n\r\nACI is the world’s largest manufacturer of newsprint with more than 50 production lines and an annual production volume of over 7 million tons.\r\n\r\nParsytec AG is the world’s leading supplier of surface quality databases for strip materials, such as steel and paper. In North America its products are sold by Metso Automation, part of Metso Corporation.\r\n\r\nMetso Corporation is a global supplier of process industry machinery and systems, as well as know-how and after-market services.\r\nsource: parsytec“;0;60;3;“admin“;““;0;““;0;0;0;0;0