Dienstag, Juni 25, 2024
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„Motorized piezoelectric nano positioning system PMO from klughammer gmbh.\r\n
\r\n“;“The microscope objective NanoPositioner PMO is a fast and compact drive unit which can be mounted on most microscopes. The unit is screwed between the turret and the objective, providing a positioning and scanning range of up to 100 µm with sub-nanometer resolution, while extending the optical path by only 13mm. An infinity-corrected microscope is required. The extension tubes are available to adjust path lengths of other objectives on the turret. The PMO is available for RMS threads as well as for Leica, Nikon, Mitutoyo, Olympus and Zeiss microscopes. The PMO Piezoelectric NanoPositioning System allows the automatic capturing of a stack of images in combination with the KLUG ScopePro software. This PMO is used where high resolution with nanosteps is required. The stack of images may be rendered to a 2D image or if captured as a confocal stack with the white light / fluorescence light CGS OptoLine microscope a 3D image may be rendered as well.\r\n