Samstag, Juni 22, 2024
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Capturing CVB-images in National Instruments´ LabViewTM

„All the image sources supported by CVB, including the network driver from CVB Connect, can be made available to LabView™ users with this driver and can then be further processed using the normal methods and image processing algorithms available in this program.\r\n
\r\nThis tool is further evidence of the commitment of Common Vision Blox to offering users the greatest possible flexibility and independence when designing their image processing systems. An important factor in favor of Common Vision Blox is the hardware independence arising from the support provided for products from a whole range of vendors. \r\n
\r\nIn Common Vision Blox, an »abstracted CVB image« is generated from each captured image. This means that any downstream software development based on this image can be completely decoupled from the technology used to capture the image. All that is required is to load the appropriate driver in order to adapt your application to the image capture hardware that is currently available. You can even change the hardware at a later point. This gives you security when planning and developing industrial applications. \r\n
\r\nThis independence taken a step further by the CVB Driver for LabView™, as this tool enables access to an abstracted CVB image in LabView™.\r\n
\r\nLabView™ is a registered trademark of National Instruments.\r\n
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