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Going multimedia with Common Vision Blox

„CVB Movie allows the user to record video sequences directly to the hard drive in the form of AVI files. The file can then be played using the CVB Image Manager or any other playback program. Thus CVB Movie is now connected to DirectShow™, which is part of Microsoft Windows™ and provides powerful support for multimedia applications, for example for recording and playing video sequences in compatible file formats. \r\n
\r\nSince CVB Movie already makes use of the DirectShow video codecs available in the system during the recording process, a wide range of storage formats can be used. Depending on the video codec selected, it is even possible to save video files that have been compressed using the most recent compression algorithms. Obviously, the video codecs used must be available on both the recording and the playback systems. As well as the continuous recording of a video sequence from a CVB-compatible image source, the video file can also be used to archive individual images which can be attached to an AVI file as required.\r\n
\r\nCVB Movie has a wide-range of possible uses. It can be used for decoupling of the time an image is recorded from the subsequent evaluation of that image, for the recording of memory-intensive image sequences directly to hard drive, for the recording of portable, compressed video sequences, for example, to be sent by email for feasibility studies, or for archiving individual errored images on an installation in a single, compressed file for efficient transfer of errored images during remote maintenance of the installation\r\n
\r\nWindows, DirectShow and DirectX are registered trademarks of Microsoft.\r\n
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