Freitag, Juli 19, 2024
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FireWire driver for Common Vision Blox

„The new IEEE1394 driver for FireWire cameras is, with immediate effect, included in the basic CVB ImageManager package from the successful Common Vision Blox software library from STEMMER IMAGING. The new driver supports controllers compliant with IEEE1394-OHCI-1.1 as well as cameras compliant with IIDC1394-DCAM-1.3, thus covering a wide range of hardware. The capture facility is based on drivers in Windows 2000 and Windows XP.
\r\nThe IEEE1394 standard opens up completely new horizons in image processing. Thus, even ultra-compact PC systems are already fitted with FireWire interfaces as standard. In this segment, STEMMER IMAGING offers the Compact Image Station product line. The combination of one of these compact PCs with a FireWire camera and the Common Vision Blox software allows you to solve the difficulties of even complex image processing applications in the smallest of spaces.
\r\nOf course, users can use the tried and tested CVB tools with their wide range of high-performance algorithms for image processing (OCR, barcodes etc.) in conjunction with the IEEE1394 driver.
\r\nOur \“one stop shopping for image processing\“ sales concept ensures that all the components you require can be purchased from STEMMER IMAGING. Even when dealing with standards such as IEEE1394 it is only possible to guarantee the required functionality for special applications if the components you are using are perfectly matched to one another. Products stocked by STEMMER IMAGING include FireWire cameras from Allied Vision Technologies (AVT), for which they provide dedicated CVB drivers to support their special modes.
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