Montag, Mai 20, 2024
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New sensor for print control

„Vision & Control is proud to introduce a new print control sensor, with sophisticated functions, that is simple and quick to learn to use.
\r\nIt is especially suitable for rapid quality control inspection and can be used for even the most complex tasks involved in inspection of printed layouts. This naturally ensures a high level of product security. The emphasis has been put on simple data interchange and the use of standard protocols in order to avoid unnecessary customization.
\r\n“;“The new sensor is universally applicable for the inspection of both complex and simple printed layouts, where it is automatically printed, conveyed and packaged. It can inspect serial parts at a throughput of up to 180 parts/min. The high precision provided enables detection of even the smallest nonconformity. Control signals are also available to allow for automatic handling of parts.
\r\nThe user is guided through the system largely automatically via ‘teach-in’- functions, and menu navigation makes the system very simple to use. Absolutely no programming knowledge is required by the user.
\r\nThe control sensor is frequently used for the inspection of pad printing. All kinds of faults, such as a missing colour, blurred or incomplete printing, etc. can be reliably detected at a reasonable price.
\r\nThe print control sensor needs approx. 10 to 50 ‘golden’ parts for teach-in. Additional fault processing can also be carried out, and ‘allowable’ faults can be suppressed in the course of optimisation. Clear and easily understood parameters are provided for parameterisation.
\r\nThe advantages of the sensor for print control:
\r\n– reliable detection of all important errors
\r\n– missing colours
\r\n- streaks, specks, dirt
\r\n– missing characters
\r\n– missing print, misprints
\r\n– automatic teach-in of new print layouts
\r\n– compensation for natural dispersion
\r\n– inspection of pad printing, silk-screen
\r\n printing, laser printing and thermo-transfer
\r\n printing
\r\n– easily learned, simple to use
\r\n– low cost
\r\nApplication range:
\r\n– inspection of pad printing on electronic
\r\n products
\r\n– laser marking on electronic parts
\r\n– inspection of keyboards
\r\n– inspection of mobile phone keypads
\r\n– inspection of bottle screw-tops
\r\n– inspection of silk screen printing on porcelain
\r\n and glassware
\r\n– inspection of operating controls in cars
\r\n– inspection of labels on cosmetic products
\r\n– inspection of pharmaceutical packaging
\r\n– inspection of printing on medical equipment and on dosing devices
\r\nTechnical data:
\r\napprox. 115 x 45 x 50 mm
\r\n(not including connecting cables and lens)
\r\nweight: approx. 200 g (not including lens)
\r\nlens connection: C-Mount
\r\ntype A: 640 x 480 pixels
\r\ntype B: 752 x 582 pixels
\r\n(errors < 1 mm2 detectable with DIN A4 size)
\r\noperating voltage: 24 VDC +/-20%
\r\nprocess interfacing:
\r\n4 digital inputs/outputs, RS-232, trigger input: fast TTL trigger
\r\nvia keypad under Windows-similar user interface on the camera monitor; no laptop or PC required.