Sonntag, Juni 16, 2024
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New telecentric vicotar lenses

Particular value has been placed on providing especially long working
distances with the new vicotar lens series. This permits the use of a wide
assortment of accessories. 90-degree beam deflectors as well as modular
mirror adapters that mount on the front of the lens are clever ways of
producing a more compact set-up. The vicotar T151 and T201series have a
completely new optical design in order to ensure this.

The range of telecentric lenses in the vicotar programme that are suitable
for use with 1" sensors has been extended in order to support the current
trend of using ever larger numbers of pixels. Hence, there is now a full
range of lens series available that can support object fields for 1/3",
1/2", 2/3" and 1" image sensors. The optimal utilisation of glass area
leads to a maximum cost-benefit relationship between lens price and object
field size.

The new vicotar lens series naturally have a vanishingly small telecentric
error due to excellent quality relating to distortion and resolution as
well as complete compatibility with the remainder of the Vision Control
Component System.

In the harsh everyday production automation environment of industrial
Machine Vision, vicotar lenses stand for
– perfect matching within the Vision Control Component System
– particularly fine steps within the telecentric and entocentric lens
series for use with up to 1" sensor size
– optimal matching to different imaging tasks via selectable imaging
– mechanically robust design with locking screws and mounting elements
– as well as flexible adjustments for hypercentric lenses and lenses with
extreme imaging perspectives

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