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Adaptable light – vicolux

Vicolux lighting from Vision Control, with its over 500 lighting components
and countless possible combinations, stands for robust lighting in
industrial Machine Vision.
Adaptive vicolux lighting enables time saving automatic lighting tracking,
can avoid the necessity of using several different lighting units by its
ability to adjust to different lighting scenarios and can serve as a
cost-saving universal laboratory lighting.

The applications for adaptive lighting due to their extremely flexible
control of light include:
– compensation of technical lighting effects such as cos4 lens vignetting
– compensation of brightness fall-off with depth
– equalisation of variations in brightness and interference from
reflections in variably reflecting parts (surface inspection)
– for structured lighting

There are various forms of adaptive lighting: whether area, ring, line,
shadow-free or free form, everything is possible. Components with a mixture
of colours as well as lighting with diffuser plates or Fresnel lenses are
also available. If short pulses of light are required, the lighting can be
switched by the programming, or via the integrated PLC input, at down to

In addition to this, vicolux lighting meets all the necessary requirements
of industry-compatible Machine Vision:
– maximum brightness and homogeneity
– availability of all wavelengths typically employed for Machine Vision
from UV to IR
– long operational lifetime due to excellent temperature management
– compact and robust design with integrated control
– switching times from 10µs to infinity
– ‚Power Flash‘ version with the shortest flash time at down to 0.5µs
– optically de-coupled process interfaces
– adjustable brightness
– wide range of possible input voltages from 10 to 36 VDC for direct
employment in unregulated industrial networks

The mechanical, electrical and light technology employed means that vicolux
stands for robustness as well as for components that may be used safely due
to the low voltages employed. Vicolux lighting saves on costs as solutions
can be found by using the standard components available. They are
straightforward to install and to operate and are available worldwide.

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