Freitag, Juli 19, 2024
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Value Engineering Alliance Announces EconoCR Software Compatible With mvBlueLYNX Smart Cameras!

Designed for programmers, software engineers and machine vision specialists capable of operating at the library routine level, this mvBlueLYNX-compatible version of EconoCR enables users to quickly create stand-alone industria l OCR systems powered by factory floor proven industrial strength software that has been used extensively in a variety of laboratory and production environments since the late ‘90s. EconoCR’s library routine format also allows the software to be easily combined with 1D bar and 2D matrix decoding software to produce more general-purpose video camera-based automatic identification solutions.

The characters to be read can be uniformly or proportionally spaced, dot matrix or continuous stroke, appreciably larger or smaller than those used in training, misaligned, rotated, and may even use different fonts. On-site training of any font is accomplished in minutes.

Reading accuracy is virtually 100% on characters of relatively good quality. Similar performance is achievable on mediocre and, in many cases, poor quality characters when EconoCR’s “fielding” option is used to specify which characters are allowed to occupy each position in a properly constructed character string, or when other advanced options are activated that are specifically designed to deal with touching characters, slanted characters, extraneous marks, nonuniform backgrounds, and less than ideal lighting conditions.

Typical applications for EconoCR include the automatic recognition of characters and symbols that have been machine-marked (laserscribed, dotpeened/pinstamped, inkjet printed, laserprinted, electrochemically etched, etc.)

on PCBs/substrates, glass lenses, molds & containers, electronic components and carriers, medical/dental devices and instruments, automotive parts, aerospace components, direct mail pieces and packaged goods. consistent with identifying, matching, sorting, tracking, or verifying these products as they move through various laboratory, manufacturing or material handling processes.

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About The Value Engineering Alliance

Established in July of 1987, THE VALUE ENGINEERING ALLIANCE specializes in the conceptualization, development, marketing, selling, and implementation of machine vision solutions that lower the overall costs of laboratory and industrial manufacturing operations (analysis, assembly, inspection, test, control, identification, etc.) while achieving equivalent or enhanced levels of system/process performance and reliability.

Renowned as the supplier of application-specific vision software libraries used by several of the vision industry’s premier players to enhance their existing offerings or expand into new application arenas, The VEA has been equally successful as a supplier of vision software and systems used in numerous industries by OEMs, system developers/integrators and automation engineers inside end user organizations. Based in Cambridge , Massachusetts (USA), the VEA operates worldwide via its extensive network of allied organizations and individuals. For additional information about the VEA’s activities and areas of expertise, visit .