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PSIFEYE detects by comparing images of documents and plates scanned by standard large or regular format scanners. The proprietary image analysis software that powers PSIFEYE effectively deals with paper stretch, ink bleed-through and other printing distortions and effects universally identified as being primary causes of automated offline print inspection system errors. It also handles variations in electronic documents, enabling them to be compared to proofs, transparencies, plates, press sheets, inserts and outserts.

As comprehensive as it is capable, PSIFEYE inspects all aspects of documents, including: text characters and symbols, graphics, chemical formulae, charts, and pictures. All differences that it identifies as exceeding user-specified size and contrast thresholds are located, marked, ranked and tabulated.

PSIFEYE does not completely replace human inspectors, but instead enhances the speed and accuracy of the proofreading process by inspecting product hundreds of times more quickly than proofreaders and freeing them from the type of tedious, repetitivereview work that routinely results in errors. The human operators of PSIFEYE systems are still the ultimate arbiters, because they review the Internet-compatible (HTML) error reports that are generated, annotate them as required, initiate any appropriate corrective action and prepare the final reports for record keeping.

While the underlying AVIAÔ (Automated Visual Information Analysis) technology has been proven effective inspecting security codebooks, surveillance photos, currency & stamps, casino playing cards, and flexible circuits, PSIFEYE targets and is used predominantly in the pharmaceutical and medical industries where the accuracy and quality of printed information are of utmost importance.

A PSIFEYE system will be featured in MNEMONICS, Inc.’s Booth Number 2459 in the Packaging Pavilion at INTERPHEX 2006, March 21st – 23rd at the Jacob K. Javits Convention Center (New York, NY).

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