Montag, Mai 20, 2024
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ActivVisionTools runs on newest Sony XCI-V3

ActivVisionTools is the outstanding result of MVTec’s expert knowledge in machine vision: a quick and efficient application creator with an easy-to-use graphical interface. ActivVisionTools is integrable into any production process. Several tools such as ActivAlignment, ActivBarcode, ActivBlobFinder, ActivDataCode, ActivMeasure, ActivOCR, are based on the established HALCON library for machine vision from MVTec. As a result, ActivVisionTools is also reliable, fast, and robust.
ActivVisionTools’ open software architecture is extensible and scalable. The software always fits your needs, also for users who prefer not to write any code. As soon as ActivVisionTools is installed on the Sony XCI-V3 smart camera, the camera functions as a PC for rapid development of machine vision applications.
A powerful image acquisition interface for the Sony XCI-V3 is already integrated in the ActivVisionTools software. After the installation of ActivVisionTools on the camera that essentially works like a PC under Windows XP, the image acquisition can immediately start.
Because an external PC is not required, the use of smart cameras for quality and process control in industrial production applications is getting increasingly popular. Smart cameras have direct communication interfaces. Thus, the combination of the Sony XCI-V3 as a robust hardware and ActivVisionTools as highly reliable software offers a powerful all-round device for modern machine vision.

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