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Live at VISION 06: Robot shows 3D machine vision

MVTec’s six-axis industrial robot is equipped with two industrial cameras and an illumination unit with wich it can acquire stereo images while it is working. Using HALCON’s stereo calibration, from these images a 3D surface of the detected objects is computed. Combined with HALCON’s hand-eye calibration, the relationship between 3D camera data and the robot coordinate system is determined. This procedure assures an exact pick of the robot at the designated position.
MVTec brings together the two worlds of robotics and machine vision, which are primarily still acting poles apart. At its headquarters in Munich, MVTec holds substantiated know-how for both robotics as well as machine vision technologies. HALCON offers methods for robotics as 3D measurement, 3D pose estimation, and many more. Moreover, the software library not only provides fast and reliable software operators for robot relevant procedures but also eases down-to-earth teaching and calibration. Thus, robotics becomes more efficient and cost-effective. HALCON runs on PC and on special platforms used in robotics.
Nevertheless, for traditional reasons at present machine vision is sparely employed in robotics. In 3D robotics, MVTec sees itself as an innovator and thus wants to bring forward the market with HALCON’s robotics-relevant standard algorithms.  


MVTec at the VISION 2006, Messe Stuttgart, 2006.11.7-9.:
Hall 4, booth 421

Press colloquium “10 Years MVTec” at Wednesday, 2006.11.8:
Messe Stuttgart, CCA Conference Room 2, 10.00-11.00 a.m