Montag, Mai 20, 2024
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The PIATI™_SBC : A Single Board Smart Camera-Based Automatic Identification Solution

The PIATI_SBC consists of software and a small single board smart camera suitable for standalone packaging or integration into an existing enclosure, in accordance with a user’s specific requirements.
Like its fully integrated, ready to install and use counterpart the PIATI_AIT, the PIAIT_SBC is ideally suited for automated laboratory and manufacturing operations that involve the reading of direct marked codes or coded labels on slowly moving items, as well as items that are sequentially transported or indexed and, as a result, stationary at decode time. Easily configured using a PC-based program that features a graphical user interface (GUI), the PIATI_SBC facilitates the identification and selection of the parameters and options needed to optimize its performance for each application.
The GUI also supports selection and configuration of the product’s supplementary automatic identification tools that are suitable for use in addressing certain trainable OCR and Interleaved 2 of 5 bar code reading applications.
The PIATI_SBC is powered by a digital signal processor, equipped with image/data and program memory, and makes the most of a medium resolution CCD (640 x 480 pixel) sensor that provides progressive scan capability.
Only 60 mm x 60 mm x 10 mm (excluding a lens holder and optics) in size, the PIATI_SBC features two digital inputs, four digital outputs, an RS232 serial communications interface that is also used to upload images of interest to PCs for display and a connector through which external illumination used in combination with the unit can be controlled. Normally shipped configured with a 12 mm diameter lens holder and standard lens, the boards can be optionally configured with a C-Mount lens holder.
The PIATI-SBC is one of several product offerings in the PIATI (Place It And Trace It) suite of Data Matrix decoding software and systems available from The Value Engineering Alliance.
The product suite includes fully integrated general-purpose products, application/industry-specific appliances and Data Matrix decoding software packages that are supplied in library function format.
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