Montag, Mai 20, 2024
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pictor® Smart Camera gigahertz breakthrough – currently the

Automation concepts employing Machine Vision and decentralized intelligence primarily make use of Smart Cameras. These Smart Cameras have to deal with ever faster and more complex tasks. Vision & Control’s answer to the performance this requires is the introduction to the market of the pictor® M1817E, based on the following hardware specifications:

Image acquisition is via a CCD full-frame sensor (progressive scan) at up to 30 images/s and with a resolution of 1024 x 768 pixels.
The workhorse for Machine Vision is a 1 GHz DSP from Texas Instruments working at 8000 MIPS. 4 optically decoupled digital inputs and 4 optically decoupled outputs function as the interface to the PLC world.
Triggering and flash release are almost delay-free due to TTL coupling and any motion blurring during image acquisition is thereby minimised.Parallel, Ethernet and serial RS-232 interfaces are all available for communication.
An SVGA monitor can be directly connected for assisting in setting-up or for the visual display of the inspection process.
These features mean that the new pictor® M1817E model already has more thantwice the performance of its powerful predecessor, the pictor® M1617E, at its disposal and is hence at the very top of the Smart Camera ‘league table’.

In addition to this, the user space available to the system via SD Card has been greatly extended to an impressive 512MB.
The pictor® M1817E is parameterised and programmed in the usual way using the vcwin user interface and the Vision & Control standard set of commands.

All pictor® Smart Camera series provide users with immediate use of a comprehensive range of extensions in the various commands provided by the Smart Cameras:
Colour commands can be implemented both in the RGB and in the HSI colour space.
The colour commands Test Colour, Colour Blob Analysis, Colour Conversion and Colour Binarization allow a much wider range of colour Machine Vision tasks to be solved, and also permit refined grey scale image algorithms to be run on colour systems.