Sonntag, Juni 16, 2024
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SVS-VISTEK: 5 Megapixel camera svs625 GigE interface

The svs625 is a progressive scan camera with a high resolution of 2448 x 2048 pixel at a 2/3“ sensor. It has a frame rate of 15 full images per second. In „partial scan-mode“ images with fewer number of lines can be read out at a considerably higher speed. Binning with 1×2, 2×1 and 2×2 pixels is also implemented. SVS-VISTEK’s camera configuration software allows adjusting of the most important camera parameters such as gain, offset or exposure time. Variable operation modes like „free-running“ or „triggered“ enable the user to integrate the camera into his specific application.
The optical interface is C-Mount. Therefore all objectives with a C-mount adaptor can be used. Because of its small size of only 51 x 55 x 73 mm this camera can easily be used in space limited applications, e.g. for print inspection, PCB inspection or for high end metrology. 

More information is available from Mr. Ulf Weisser c/o SVS-VISTEK GmbH.

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