Dienstag, Juni 25, 2024
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16 Mega pixel camera now also with GigE-interface

The svs16000-GigE extends the product line of self-manufactured Gigabit-Ethernet digital cameras with another high-resolution camera. The camera is GigE-Vision standard compliant when used in single tap mode. The optional second Ethernet connection is useful when speed limitations of 1 Gigabit need to be overcome i.e. when the bandwidth should be doubled. This feature is especially reasonable when more than 8 bits are needed.  


This progressive-scan camera has a resolution of 4904 x 3280 pixels and uses an Interline-Transfer-CCD from Kodak™ with a sensor diagonal of 43,3 mm. The “ultra-high-speed” version of the camera has a frame rate of up to 5 full images/second, in “partial-scan” mode (AOI) images with fewer lines can be read out at considerably higher speed. Binning with 2 x 2 pixels is also possible. 

SVS-VISTEK’s camera configuration software „SVCapture“ allows the user to adjust various camera parameters such as „free-running“ or „triggered“. An SDK and the provided driver allow an easy integration into user-specific machine vision systems.

As optical interface a M58 thread or an F-Mount adapter can be provided. Due to its small housing size of only 70 x 71 x 46 mm this camera can easily be used under confined conditions. Areas of application are e.g. print inspection, PCB inspection, semiconductor industry or optical metrology.