Dienstag, Juni 25, 2024

Beijing Sanbao Xingye (MVLZ)

MVLZ specializes in distribution for world-known Machine Vision brands, and in addition provide technical support and vision system integration as per end users’ application. Our portfolio consists of Matrox、Basler、UNIQ、e2v、vieworks、CCS、RICOH、Rsee、Moritex、Schneider、Pleora、Hewtech, etc., a collection of worldwide advanced Machine Vision products covering Frame Grabber, Industrial Camera, Sensor, Light Source, Lens, Software and Cable of hundreds of models. We’ve maintained long-term partnership with most of our suppliers; especially, we’ve been working with Matrox/Canada and Basler/Germany for over 20 years.

Moreover, MVLZ Scientific Department focuses on high-end research equipments, including scientific CCD and Spectrograph of Princeton Instruments/USA , Femtosecond Laser of Light Conversion/Lithuania, Semiconductor Laser of Frankfurt/Germany, Chiller device of ARS /USA, Portable Raman Spectrometer of B&W TEK/USA, Circular Dichroism Spectrometer of Olis/USA, Raman Spectrophotometer of Craic/USA, optical lab instruments of QIOPTIQ/Germany, etc.

MVLZ always works on introducing worldwide advanced and cost-effective Machine Vision products to China and satisfying the growing demand of one-stop shopping from Chinese customers.

In the age of vision technology, we are with you…