Freitag, Juli 19, 2024
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Performance redefined: 10 GigE cameras with 3rd generation Sony Pregius CMOS sensors

This way, they provide better support for applications with a short exposure time or NIR illumination, for example. The exceptionally high image quality with an SNR (signal-to-noise ratio) of 44 dB (pixel size 4.5 µm) facilitates stable image evaluation even under difficult conditions, e.g., applications with a very high light intensity such as laser welding or in sports and motion analysis with fluctuating illumination conditions. Thanks to the very high frame rates, extremely fast applications can also be reliably captured, analyzed, and controlled, e.g., for the error analysis of machines and processes or for eye tracking applications. The serial production of the new LXT cameras starts in the 2nd quarter of 2020.

The new Dual Conversion Gain feature allows flexible setting of the gain directly in the sensor. The setting „High“ is suitable for applications with a low light intensity or short exposure times. The alternative „Low“ optimizes the image capturing in respect to SNR and dynamic range with a higher light intensity. In addition, the camera features an integrated HDR function that calculates the images with a dynamic range of over 82 dB (pixel size 4.5 µm). This facilitates image evaluation for applications with light and dark areas in a scene and does not create CPU load on the PC.

The 10 GigE models of the LX series are the ideal choice for demanding inspection tasks that place strict demands on both the precision of image capture and the throughput. Their robust industrial design withstands mechanical stress and ensures reliable long-term stable image processing. The cameras are equipped with four opto-decoupled power outputs with pulse width modulation and an output power of up to 120 W (max. 48 V / 2.5 A) for the direct control of illumination without an external controller. Thanks to the optional patented tube system, the cameras offer the protection class IP 65 and IP 67, completely without an external housing. Equipped with Precision Time Protocol (PTP) according to the IEEE 1588 standard, the LXT models additionally support precise time synchronization in Ethernet networks.