Dienstag, Juni 25, 2024
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Camera-based empty mould check for any confectionery production line

High-resolution GigE colour cameras detect any minimal product residues. The Windows-based inspection systems with uniform multilingual firmware are suitable for moulds made of all common materials: polycarbonate, metal, silicone. The B(asic) model combines cameras, lighting, and a touch panel PC in a stainless-steel cabinet that is placed directly onto the conveyor system. It shields ambient light, ensuring high, repeatable image quality. The use of multiple cameras allows for a wide field of view at short working distances. Doors in the control cabinet ensure good accessibility of the transfer system. The S(eparate) model offers all the advantages of the basic system in terms of accessibility and ambient light shielding. However, the imaging technology and the computer are installed in two separate enclosures. The cabinet with the operating panel can be freely positioned for easy access.

The F(lexible) model with a slim camera and lighting module also features a separate control cabinet and was developed especially for enclosed lines and low-height surroundings. It is also available as a multi-camera version for wide 

moulds. The C(ompact) model is condensed to include only the minimum necessary equipment and does not contain a signal light. The control box with a touchscreen is attached directly to the camera housing. The compact model is particularly cost-effective and also suitable for lines with limited space. The automatic inspection systems are the result of decades spent working for international confectionery and chocolate manufacturers. Bi-Ber is constantly developing its testing technology further and also offers customers special solutions as well as retrofit of existing systems. The documentation for all standard variants is available at https://www.bilderkennung.de/download.html#suesswarenindustrie.