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Basler introduces a color line scan camera with the new Camera Link interface

„Ahrensburg, July 30, 2002\r\n
\r\nBasler Vision Components (Basler-VC) introduces a new addition to its L300 camera series – the Basler L301kc. The L301kc is based on a tri-linear, progressive scan CCD sensor with 2098 14 µm x 14 µm pixels in each line. The L301kc has a maximum line rate of 9.2 kHz and features a Camera Link interface. Series production is expected to begin in July 2002.“;“The L301kc color line scan camera includes features such as electronic exposure time control, selectable 8 or 10 bit output, a flash/strobe trigger output, integrated spatial correction, test images, and an area of interest scanning capability. The camera is also significantly smaller and lighter than competitive devices.\r\n
\r\nProduct Manager Ingo Lewerendt sees the camera’s main advantage as economy. Says Lewerendt, “The basic price of the L301kc is very competitive when compared to three chip color cameras. And when you consider that the L301kc does not require an expensive matched lens for optimum image quality as three chip cameras do, it stands out as the most cost effective solution for color image capture”.\r\n
\r\nThe L301kc is another addition to Basler’s rapidly growing portfolio of line scan and area scan cameras featuring the Camera Link interface. This new interface standard considerably reduces the effort required for camera/system integration. As a recognized technology leader, Basler offers one of the most complete camera lines featuring the Camera Link interface.\r\n
\r\nBasler-VC designs and manufactures advanced vision components for industrial applications. Products include color and monochrome line scan and area scan digital cameras for high-speed and/or high-resolution applications. Product designs are driven by industry requirements offering easy interfacing, compact sizes, and a strong price/performance ratio.\r\n
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