Donnerstag, Juli 18, 2024
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Vision Components GmbH now ships their new extremely fast line scan Smart Camera model VC4002L

Three different integration modes are supported by this innovative camera:

  • In the free-running mode a maximum scan rate of 11 kHz is possible.
  • The camera can be triggered externally while having a constant integration time. The maximum scan rate in this mode is 5.5 kHz.
  • The third mode allows variable integration time that is determined by the incoming signal of an external trigger. In this mode the maximum scan rate goes up to 11 kHz.

The VC4002L thus offers an extremely inexpensive entrance into the world of the high performance intelligent line scan cameras.
All Vision Components cameras are built for industrial applications. They are insensitive to shock and vibration, and have multiple I/O lines for direct control of external equipment. For more complex control tasks, they can easily be interfaced to a PLC10/ 100 MBit Ethernet and RS232 are standard interfaces for Smart Cameras of this series.